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NJ Contractors Equipment Insurance

This inland marine coverage insures contractors’ equipment on a scheduled or blanket basis. For many contractors, their major assets are equipment, such as cranes, power shovels, tractors, and bulldozers. Large items can be specifically scheduled, while a blanket limit may be used for smaller items. Tool coverage, including employee tools, can also be provided. Coverage is often based on all risk-type perils or special causes of loss and is tailored to suit the individual insured’s needs. A deductible sufficient to eliminate smaller, petty pilferage losses is preferred.

Contractors Design and Build (Project Managers)

The design and build concept of construction contracts consists of a contractor and architect under the construction firm’s management being responsible for the project from its inception through the design process, during construction, and until it is completed. The construction firm may have its own design capability, own a subsidiary design firm, or hire an independent architect and engineering firm. One important feature of this coverage is professional liability for the construction firm that has both design and build functions.

NJ Contractors Auto Liability

This coverage provides coverage for all of your vehicles and trailers etc. We have several companies to quote all of your commercial auto insurance needs.


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